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It's Worth Fighting For! A series on marriage

posted Sep 2, 2011, 9:06 AM by Shawn Benson
Join us every Wednesday night in October at 7pm as we embark on a journey together to learn about God's heart for marriage.  What was His design?  Why is it so hard?  Is it ever going to get better?  What are the biblical roles of husband and wife?  How in the world do two different people live in the same house together without killing each other?  What are the keys to success?  If you have a fantastic marriage, a terrible marriage, or something in between, this is for you.  If you feel called to marriage some day and want to properly prepare your heart before that day comes....this is for you.  If you have a dog named Billy, this is for you.  If you drive a pink Cadillac and go by the name Pink Flowers...you guessed it, this is for you.  Let's hang out together, educate ourselves, and love on each other in a way that causes us as a family to beat the staggering statistics. What do you say?