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Children's Pastor Recruitment Page

Position:  Director of Children’s Ministries

Church Size:  170-200


About Harvest:

Harvest Fellowship is a Non-denominational, Spirit-filled, church associated with Bethel Church of Redding California.  We are located in Warrensburg, MO 45 minutes to the east of Kansas City, MO.  Warrensburg is a town of about 20,000 hosting the University of Central Missouri, and butting up against Whiteman Air Force base.  With these additions, the population bolsters to more than 50,000 residents.  Harvest Fellowship began as a college ministry back in 1972, eventually growing into the church that it is today.  The primary thrust of this ministry is wholeness.  It is our sincerely held belief that Jesus made a way for each individual to be fully alive, fully connected to the Father, fully restored, and healthy spirit, soul, and body.  As a result, this ministry has three main foci.  Spirit:  Reaching into our community through the preaching of the gospel and the demonstration of the kingdom, resulting in new salvations.  Soul:  Bringing complete restoration to individuals to their original purpose through inner healing.  Body:  Physically healing the sick inside and outside of the 4 walls of the church building.  All of our activities are vetted with this focus in mind and in view of the following core values: 


Father Heart of God

                   God is good, and His goodness is naturally discernible       

                   He is for us

                   We are sons and daughters and have full uninhibited access to Father God


                   Investing in relationship

                   Taking ownership of the church and the needs

                   We are in this together

                                      None are independent

                                      We need each other


                                      We do life together

                   Stick by one another


                   People are valuable

                   People are powerful & responsible for themselves & their messes

                   Restoration & healing is the goal for the fallen

                   Celebrating the Jesus in someone even when they aren’t perfect



                                      Understanding how others experience you.

                   Not wearing a façade, but being real

                   Being willing to ask for help

                   Being open with senior leadership about issues

                   Keeping short accounts with each other

                   Intentional communication

                   Being unoffendable

                   Walking in grace


                                      You can be influenced.  Can’t grow without it.

                                      Welcome feedback & willing to use it.


Desire and intentionality to cultivate an atmosphere of presence at Harvest and in our homes.

The Holy Spirit isn’t the step child of the trinity.  He is Lord.

Making decisions from His presence and not necessarily just by use of our brains

Maintaining an atmosphere centered on God

Finding the river and being willing to jettison good plans to be led by Holy Spirit


            Doing everything as for the Lord

            Shooting for the best.  Not settling for mediocre.

            Serving well for the whole ministry and not just our area of responsibility

            Attention to details

            Actively seeking better administration

            Representing Harvest and the kingdom well in every sphere. 

            Always striving to improve and to learn

            Pursuing continual self-improvement

 Revival Lifestyle

            Healing is for today and all believers can do it

            The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today and the offices have not ceased

            Cultivating continual sensitivity to God

            Obedience at all cost

            Cultivating God centered families and presence centered homes

            Pressing in for the more of God

            Creating a culture that naturally engages outside these 4 walls

            Applying what we learn/practice on Sundays

            Prophetic  culture


            He is worthy

            Living a lifestyle of worship

            Respectful, but uninhibited atmosphere

            Cultivating passion for God

            Creating an atmosphere of connection


            Partnering with other churches

            Bringing Heaven to Earth

            Apostolic view of ministry

            Bringing God’s kingdom influence to every sphere of society

 All Sufficiency of the Cross

            Jesus paid for everything

            The second Adam restored all that was lost, barring physical death

            The cross brings us victory in every area



Transformed people, Transforming Communities


Ideal Candidate: 

A BSSM student or someone with extensive Bethel knowledge and/or background who carries the culture. 

Called to children’s ministry


Good people skills & conflict resolution



Basic Qualifications:


As a minimum, the Director of Children’s ministries needs to demonstrate the following:

  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have fruit consistent with this relationship.
  • Must be filled with the Spirit as evidenced by the gifts of the Spirit and of power 
  • Must be called to full-time ministry and currently to children
  • Must have excellent overall communication skills

o   Must be able to accurately communicate the truths of scripture

o   Must be able to minister one on one & to a group

o   Must be able to communicate well & relate to parents

  • Must be humble, teachable, and able to be under authority 
  • Must have the ability to work independently and appropriately manage time
  • Ability & desire to befriend the youth as opposed to simply directing them
  • Must be in theological agreement with Harvest Fellowship, as set forth and taught by the Senior Pastor.
  • Must be in full agreement with the vision of Harvest Fellowship
  • Must be able to take ownership of the church and the overall ministry, as opposed to becoming an island or a ministry that is independent from the rest.


Position Summary:


The Director of Children’s Ministries will oversee all aspects of children’s ministry, birth to 18 y/o.  They will be expected to create a seamless pathway of knowledge and equipping for the children as they advance in age and ultimately into adulthood.  The director will be responsible for raising up and managing volunteers, casting vision, creating a cohesive team, developing kingdom culture, administering the curriculum, and intentionally loving on the children birth to 18.  The primary emphasis will be placed on children birth to 5th grade, with a secondary emphasis on youth 6th to 12th grade.  The intention is not that one would lead both positions full-time (though that might be inevitable for a season), but that they would assist in advancing the vision for the youth and in the raising up of leaders to help continue to advance that aspect of the ministry. The following is a list of responsibilities associated with this position:


  1. Manage all paid staff and volunteers who are working with children & youth from birth through 12th grade. 
    • Communicate well with team
      • Team meetings
      • Sunday morning rally and prayer
      • Volunteer appreciation activities
    • Coordinate volunteers
      • Create and maintain the schedule
    • Recruit new volunteers
    • Address any known or perceived issues with volunteers & staff
      • Regularly give and receive feedback
    • Raise up leaders
      • Delegate 
      • Identify leaders with different strengths than yours
    • Train
      • Create a system for training new teachers and volunteers


  1. Cast Vision
    • Understand, agree with, own, and advance the house vision as set by the senior pastor, to include creating culture in the children’s department consistent with the kingdom culture of the church.
    • Advance the children’s & youth ministries in such a way that children are excited to come to church, parents are excited to bring their children to church, and new families and salvations occur as a result
    • Continually look to the future anticipating changes as necessary and tweaking the vision to drive it continually forward as opposed to going backwards or stagnating. 
    • Make the vision plain to the staff and volunteers
    • Motivate the team towards the stated vision
    • Set & achieve ministry goals 
    • Communicate vision to the corporate body
    • Create a cohesive team that takes ownership of the vision and who looks forward to serving because of their sense of ownership, satisfaction, and the sense of family they gain through their service.


  1. Prepare the annual budget for the ministry
    • Cast vision for the future
    • Anticipate growth, changes, and annual advancements
    • Conservatively manage the budget and department expenditures consistent with good stewardship and excellence. 


  1. Love on families
    • Identify children of needy homes and help to minister to their needs
    • Greet new families as they come to the church and assist them in finding what they need
    • Communicate with parents what is happening with their children
    • Counsel parents as needed
    • Provide training for families periodically  (Danny Silk materials or equivalent preferred). 
      • Good parenting
      • Disciplinary techniques
      • Nutrition and basic hygiene
      • How to actively teach Jesus to kids as parents 
  1. Actively Engaged in all Children’s Ministry
    • Lead and/or oversee all children’s activities
    • Be present and active at all children’s related activities, i.e. VBS, Fall Fest, etc.
    • Actively recruit volunteers to watch children during activities that require childcare.  Ie. Newcomers

        6. Maintain and advance our Wednesday night children’s services.

    • Recruiting volunteers
    • Managing curriculum

Send resume,  family photo, and cover letter to Pastorshawn@harvestfellowshipwarrensburg.com