Our Leadership Team

Shawn Benson

Shawn is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Fellowship.  He's a passionate visionary leader and a gifted speaker with a heart to bring kingdom transformation to this region.  He holds a Master's Degree in Pastoral Theology and, together with his wife, is the only Bethel Leader's Network (BLN) pastor in the entire state of Missouri.  He's been married to the hottie below forever, and together they have 3 children, Elijah, Eden, and Josiah.



Misty Benson

Misty is the Pastor of Restorations, which means that she is in charge of all of our counseling and inner healing ministries.  She is a certified facilitator for  "Prepare & Enrich" and "Loving on Purpose", and her Sozo team is a certified part of the Bethel Sozo Network. She also brings oversight to the office staff and all of the accounting for the church.  Basically, she is the backbone of the church and a hugely critical part of what makes Harvest successful.  

Cory Watson 

 Cory is the Worship Leader here at Harvest.  He has a heart for deep worship where we touch Heaven, change earth, worship in Spirit and truth, and enter into His manifest presence from the first strum of the guitar.  He is not only extremely talented, he also carries the heart of a worshiper.  Outside of these four walls, he holds a Masters degree in social work and is currently serving as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker out at Whiteman Air Force Base.  Together with his wife Jennifer, he has 4 children, Cale, Colin, Kinley, and Karlie. 

Chris Smale

Chris heads up and manages the media booth, being sure that all of our sound and video needs are being met.  He additionally serves as an elder here at Harvest.  He is married to Rebekkah, who has literally been a member here her entire life.  In addition to being the best math teacher in Johnson County, she also serves on our youth leader's team and has a passion to see kids reach their full potential in the Lord.  Together they have two children, Josh & Joe, who are both currently off at college being all studious.  

Greg Cleveland                

Greg has been a member of Harvest Fellowship for over 30 years and has served in just about every area possible.  He is an integral part of the church, serving and leading in various capacities.  Today Greg is an elder, and currently heads up the door greeter and usher ministry. Additionally, he is a source of mischief and pain for the senior pastor.  When he's not causing trouble for us,  he can usually be found at Cleveland Dental improving people's smiles.