Pastor Travis puts out an incredibly creative, kid's specific devotional for families most weeks, called Thursday's Thoughts, that provides families with a jumping off point for weekly discipleship discussions.  If you like what you see here, you are going to love what he does in person.  Follow our YouTube channel for updates on new videos.
Nursery - 5th Grade

Our aim is to love on your children extravagantly and to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for them to encounter the living God through worship, the teaching of the word, and the demonstration of the Spirit.  Our program is ever being sharpened to help equip children to do the "work of the ministry".  By giving them an opportunity to encounter God at a young age, our hope is that they will, as a result, never have a desire to walk away from God and will be secure in their walk as they become independent adults. 
Youth Ministry 6th-12th Grade
Led by Donna Montoya, our youth are being moved to a deeper place in God as they study the word, worship together, and of course, have tons of fun.  The youth presently meet from 7-9pm on Thursday evenings up at the church.  Contact Donna for more details.  660*624*2321or . 
RE-3 Inner Healing Ministry
Please see site tab or contact Misty Benson for more details.
First Fruits
Unless otherwise announced, we have worship mixed with prayer the first Wednesday of every month.  We typically meet in the church sanctuary from 7-8:30 and just love on the Lord.  We pray, soak, and worship freely.

Prayer Room

The sanctuary is open from 8am to 12pm every Tuesday.  Come as you can and spend time seeking God's face.  We have worship playing in the background and have just created an atmosphere where you can connect with Jesus.   

Woman's Ministry
This is an opportunity for the ladies to connect over books, bible studies, fellowship, and fun.  For more information contact Donna at 660*624*2321or

Men's Ministry
Men currently meet at the church the last Saturday of every month and have breakfast, fellowship, worship, and ministry time together.  Our heart is to create an environment of trust, accountability, vulnerability, and friendship, where men can grow together into what Jesus intended when He set us in as head of the home.  For more information, contact David Carr at  

Thanksgiving Outreach:
We deliver free cooked meals to the disabled, elderly, and needy of Warrensburg on Thanksgiving Day.  For more information, please contact Rosie through the church at 660*747*8164.

Christmas Outreach

We have a nice dinner at the church (all are welcome).  We also deliver gifts and food to families in need during this time.  In addition to these things, we honor the Police, Sheriffs department, and central dispatch by bringing them gift baskets. 

Empowerment Pathways

Once a month, following second service, we do an additional teaching (a potluck style lunch & learn) aimed at laying the foundation for much of what is taught on a Sunday mornings.  This pathway starts with Newcomers, which in contrast to the other teachings, actually takes place once a quarter.  Newcomers give new visitors a chance to meet all of our leadership and to hear our heart for ministry here in our community and beyond.  This is a great place to get your questions answered and to find out what we are all about.  While this rest of the teachings are potluck style, Newcomers is our treat.  Come and simply enjoy a time of connecting and see if this is the church home for you.  

 Harvest Groups
Mother's Empowered Click the FB link or Contact Ann Lehman for more details

Service Opportunities:
  • Worship team
    • Vocalist
    • Drummer
    • Sound booth people
    • Powerpoint and general media people
    • Visual creativity team
  • Hospitality team
    • Sunday kitchen crew
    • Welcome committee
    • Door greeters
    • Preparing meals for the sick or those needing blessed
  • Children's Ministry
    • Sunday school teachers
    • Special events volunteers
    • Nursery helpers
  • Youth Group
    • Leader
    • helpers
  • Maintenance crew
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Household repairs
    • Painting
    • General construction
  • Landscaping & grounds maintenance
    • Mowing & weed eating
    • Tree trimming
    • Weed spraying
    • General landscaping
  • Small group leader  
    • Get trained and lead people 
  • Counseling Ministry
  • Evangelism Team
  • Prayer team
    • Help pray for needs after each service
    • Deliverance ministry
    • Healing ministry